House, Collapsed
Under the instruction of Andrew Atwood.

The project begins with the careful study and disassembly of Valerio Olgiati’s K+N House into nine volumetric “parts” that are then repurposed into a new architecture. The translation of those parts leads to an evocative design of the aftermath of architecture attempting to salvage itself from collapse. It is the confrontation between an existing architecture and the new spatial order imposed post-destruction; it is a system in crisis.

With exposed bathrooms, crumpled floors, violent thresholds, fragile structures, and seemingly uninhabitable spaces, the building investigates the following: in light of our current political world of war and destruction, how can architecture reinterpret its remains as a new aesthetic and programmatic experience?



1. Valerio Olgiati’s K+N House
2. “Cosmic Latte: Architecture Beige Manifesto” by Jürgen Mayer H. and Philip Ursprung. 2017
3. Josef Alber’s “Homage to the Square”
© Yohana Ansari-Thomas