The Space In-between: Architecture, Absurdism, and the Anthropocene.
An ongoing series under the instruction of Neyran Turan and Chip Sullivan.

The Space In-between contributes to existing discourse around disorienting architectural phenomenologies that assume a universal experience of place through the engagement of extraterrestrial domestication and privatization. In each drawing, the Absurd is introduced as a narrative style and medium for architecture to reposition the cosmos as an intimate place and examine the implications it will have on space privatization, militarization, and colonization.

The abstraction of space in the drawings creates a setting of discomfort as the architecture enables a dialogue between the familiar and the Absurd. The project resists a solely utopic, existentialist, or nihilistic approach in conceptualizing the emergence of interior at the planetary domain. Ultimately, the drawings use outer space to delineate our limitations on Earth. Architecture, then, facilitates an exchange between the Absurd and the real without ever assigning a privilege to one or the other.

“The space of the absurd, then, no longer in contrast to the space of propriety, but in dialogue with it. An absurd reality.”

Bowler Hats by Timothy Hyde (Log 22: The Absurd)

Full project and accompanying dissertative essay available upon request (coming soon).



© Yohana Ansari-Thomas